Version 0.26.3-dev

Backward incompatible changes:

  • Dropped support for Python 2.6.


  • Added support for Python 3.5.
  • Support introspection of function signature behind the @wraps decorator (issue #111).

Fixed bugs:

  • When command function signature contained **kwargs and positionals without defaults and with underscores in their names, a weird behaviour could be observed (issue #104).

Other changes:

  • Include the license files in manifest (PR #112).

Version 0.26.2

  • Removed official support for Python 3.4, added for 3.5.
  • Various tox-related improvements for development.
  • Improved documentation.

Version 0.26.1

Fixed bugs:

  • The undocumented (and untested) argument dispatch(..., pre_call=x) was broken; fixing because at least one important app depends on it (issue #63).

Version 0.26

This release is intended to be the last one before 1.0. Therefore a major cleanup was done. This breaks backward compatibility. If your code is really outdated, please read this list carefully and grep your code.

  • Removed decorator @alias (deprecated since v.0.19).
  • Removed decorator @plain_signature (deprecated since v.0.20).
  • Dropped support for old-style functions that implicitly expected namespace objects (deprecated since v.0.21). The @expects_obj decorator is now mandatory for such functions.
  • Removed decorator @command (deprecated since v.0.21).
  • The @wrap_errors decorator now strictly requires that the error classes are given as a list (old behaviour was deprecated since v.0.22).
  • The allow_warnings argument is removed from argh.completion.autocomplete(). Debug-level logging is used instead. (The warnings were deprecated since v.0.25).

Some more stuff has been scheduled to be purged before 1.0:

  • Deprecated arguments title, help and description in add_commands() helper function. See documentation and issue #60.

Other changes:

  • Improved representation of default values in the help.

  • Dispatcher can be configured to skip unknown arguments (issue #57).

  • Added add_subcommands() helper function (a convenience wrapper for add_commands()).

  • EntryPoint now stores kwargs for the parser.

  • Added support for default command with nested commands (issue #78).

    This only works with Python 3.4+ due to incorrect behaviour or earlier versions of Argparse (including the stand-alone one as of 1.2.1).

    Due to argparse peculiarities the function assignment technique relies on a special ArghNamespace object. It is used by default in ArghParser and the shortcuts, but if you call the vanilla ArgumentParser.parse_args() method, you now have to supply the proper namespace object.

Fixed bugs:

  • Help formatter was broken for arguments with empty strings as default values (issue #76).

Version 0.25

  • Added EntryPoint class as another way to assemble functions (issue #59).
  • Added support for Python 3.4; dropped support for Python 3.3 (this doesn’t mean that Argh is necessarily broken under 3.3, it’s just that I’m not testing against it anymore).
  • Shell completion warnings are now deprecated in favour of logging.
  • The command help now displays default values of all arguments (issue #64).
  • Function docstrings are now displayed verbatim in the help (issue #64).
  • Argh’s dispatching now should work properly in Cython.