This list used to be manually updated at the early stages of Argh development. As the list of contributions grew, it became increasingly harder to track them.

Fortunately, Github offers this awesome tool:

Please refer to the Github report for recent contributions.

Also, please don’t hesitate to file issues and create pull requests and become a contributor! ❤️

Here’s how to contribute: Contributing to Argh.

Historical List of Contributors

Here is an inevitably incomplete list of contributors, i.e. people who have suggested features, reported bugs, submitted patches, wrote packaging scripts and generally made Argh better:

Andrey Mikhaylenko:

Author, Maintainer

Gora Khargosh:

Bug reports

Mika Eloranta:


Fabien Devaux:

ArchLinux package

Hannu Valtonen:

Debian package

Georges Dubus:

Python3 support fixes

Roman Ovchinnikov:

Debian package


Python2.6 bug reports

Tuk Bredsdorff:

List of similar projects

Mike Gilbert:

Gentoo package; patch

Marco Nenciarini:

Patch for shell completion and more

Matt Black:

Patch re TTY

Tony Narlock:

Adaptation of README to GitHub

Oskari Saarenmaa:

Compatibility improvements

Denis Lisov:

Support for keyword-only arguments (Python 3)

Jörg Doppler:

Defaults in argument help message, raw docstrings

Paul Jacobson:

Defaults in argument help message, raw docstrings

Chuck Blake:

Support for Cython


Idea and basic implementation of EntryPoint


Questions and examples of setuptools integration

Joseph McCullough:

Patch for dev environ

Jason Dusek:

Patch for EntryPoint

Felix Yan:

Fix missing test dependencies

David Warde-Farley:


Jakub Wilk:

Fix spelling in docs

Brian Lee:

Support for signatures of funcs behind @wraps deco

…you? :-)

Patches, ideas and any feedback is highly appreciated.


Early versions were somewhat inspired by Alexander Solovyov’s opster.

Thanks to the authors of argparse for the excellent library for which Argh is merely a wrapper.

Thanks to Andrey Kislyuk for writing argcomplete and thus allowing Argh to remain compact.

Thanks to the authors of py.test, tox, virtualenv, mock and related projects (or ideas) for automating the routine and letting the developer focus on the task and enjoy TDD.

Thanks to Bitbucket team for the not-too-commercial approach to the excellent tools they provide. The early years of Argh development were spent on that platform.

Thanks to Github team for the place where Argh has been developed for over a decade.

See also Similar projects.